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Who's Really Feeling Your Feelings?

Did you know that when you hate someone, they don’t feel your hate? Instead, you do!

The day I learned this, it blew my mind!

Think about it, when you don’t like someone, you’re the one that feels that negative feeling, not them. You’re the one not feeling good when you’re with them or thinking of them.

Yeah, maybe if you act a certain way towards someone you don’t like, they might think something negative that causes them to feel something negative, but, the true dislike or hate, is your negative feeling that you get to feel.

So, let me give you an example. Way back when I was in the military, I had a fierce hate for a sergeant in my unit. Every time I was around her, I was annoyed by the sound of her voice. I judged everything she said or did. I focused on all of her flaws. I was miserable when I was around her. On the other hand, she got to be her normal self. For all I know, she felt ecstatic every day!

What if I had decided I was going to love her? What if when she talked, I was curious instead of annoyed? What if I looked past all of her flaws and was intrigued by her differences? I wouldn’t have had to suffer and feel so miserable when I was around her. I could’ve felt good inside.

Sometimes we feel that someone doesn’t deserve our love, or if we like them we’re giving them something from us. But starting today, I want you to change it around. What do you deserve? How do you want to feel about those with whom you spend any amount of time thinking about? If you want to feel good on a regular basis, it’s your option to choose to feel love all the time. It creates a much better experience in your life.

If you’d like to talk about how you can feel unconditional love for anyone in your life, book a free 30 minute call.

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