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Hi, I'm Jackie

I can help you live your best life

Personalized 1:1 Career Coaching

 Young Woman Contemplating

My Journey

Over the course of my 20 year career, I was holding on to beliefs that made me feel stuck in multiple aspects of my life.  I did the work to train my brain and regain power over my experience in this world.  I've overcome obstacles working on a team, raising my children, and communicating with my husband.  Taking the time to evaluate my thoughts showed me it was possible to be happy at work, and I didn't have to wait until retirement to enjoy life.  I've become a person who can decide to create results I want instead of unintentionally ending up somewhere...someday. 

My Commitment

I'm here to tell you it is possible to love any job

You don't have to dread going to work

You can have great relationships

You can have both success and happiness

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