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Treat Yourself the Way You Want to be Treated

Did you know that how you treat yourself shows people how they should treat you?

When you see someone at the office that looks well-dressed, is always on time, and is always prepared, what do you think about them? Wow, they’ve got it all together! What about someone who is always frazzled, is often complaining about this or that, and never following a schedule? Wow, they are a mess!

One of those people is taking the time to focus on themselves, making an effort to look their best, and creating & honoring a schedule to respect their time. The other is not. Maybe they’re focused on others, which don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying is bad, it’s just obvious that their relationship with themself is not a priority.

The #1 relationship you should nurture is with yourself.

What do you think about yourself? What’s your opinion of you? How do you talk to yourself?

Having a good relationship with yourself happens when you think good thoughts about yourself, and when you talk to yourself like you’re talking to your best friend.

For the longest time I focused on what I wasn’t good at. I wasn’t a good briefer, I wasn’t good at writing evaluations, I wasn’t creative enough, I wasn’t a good mom/wife/sister, etc. I remember complaining...a lot. When people asked how I was, I’d respond with:

I’m fine...

Same old, same old...

Another day, another dollar...

Nothing to complain about...

No wonder I wasn’t happy! And the funny thing is, nobody was ever surprised with the above answers. But, what if I answered with words like awesome or amazing? People would think twice and ask more. What if awesome and amazing could be the norm? How would that feel?

We create our experience in this world. When you treat yourself with respect, work on personal growth & self-confidence, know what you want in life, do what you say you’re going to do, you’re telling people, “This is who I am, and this is how I should be treated”.

If you want to work on your relationship with yourself or anyone in your life, book a free 30 minute call!

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