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How did you get here?

How do you tell your story of your past?

How did you get here?

Would you say you worked hard to get where you are, or do you think you got lucky?

For a while, I would tell myself I got here by chance.

Going back all the way to my decision to join the military, I used to tell people it was because I didn’t fill out the student aid forms in time, and I didn’t want to gain weight at college. Oh yeah, and because I wanted to be like Kelly McGillis in Top Gun! I met my husband in the military, and we worked together for a while, so I owed all of my successful choices to him. Once my husband and I took separate career paths, I believed that most of my opportunities weren’t earned, and it was because I knew someone.

When I thought about my past success at work as something that I didn’t achieve myself, I wasn’t able to imagine my ability to create a bigger & better future.

However, when I reframed my story, looking for the reasons I was responsible for my success, it made me feel empowered.

Joining the Air Force right out of high school was a decision to challenge myself. It took a lot of courage to go down that path alone! I sacrificed four years of my life to serve my country and at a young age, did some amazing things! The relationships I developed, as well as my track record for excellent work ethic & quality, helped me get positions for which I was more than qualified. I jumped at opportunities to grow and learn new things. That’s really how I got here.

When that’s my story of my past, I believe I’m capable of so much more in my life.

How you define your past matters. Take some time and rewrite the story of your past. You’ll be glad you did.

If you’d like to talk about your story of your past, book a free 30 minute call.

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