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3 Tips When You Feel Unappreciated

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Job satisfaction and feeling appreciated for the work you do go hand in hand. Nobody likes to work hard and feel like it's not having an impact on the mission.

Watch the video to hear more about the three tips to help you appreciate your own effort and accomplishments, instead of relying on external validation (like kudos from your boss or colleagues, rewards, or bonuses).

TIP 1) Identify your compelling why

TIP 2) Calendaring tasks to track work getting done

TIP 3) Celebrating your accomplishments daily

I highly encourage you to add these three daily and/or weekly rituals to your schedule to help you be happy at work!

Once I started to include these in my routine, I was able to appreciate my own work, and I wasn't waiting for others to make me feel better. I was able to see myself making progress each day and celebrate each task within a project as opposed to struggling up the mountain ahead.

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