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Automatically Positive

When your head hits the pillow at night and when you wake up in the morning, what is on your mind?

For a long time, I was contemplating something I should’ve done, or something I should’ve said...Possibly planning what I should do about it next. My mind often wandered to what didn’t go right and what I needed to do to make it right.

One thing that is essential to being happier is starting a morning and night routine that includes intentional thinking. Instead of letting your brain go on autopilot and find all the things that went wrong or could’ve gone better, you have to focus on the things that went well. Find the positives for the day. Ask yourself what you accomplished and what you want to accomplish next. Ask who in your life impacted your day and whose life you want to impact. The more you take the time to focus on the good in your life and train your brain to see the positives, the more it becomes easier.

I recently noticed a major difference in myself when I was asked how I liked my son’s baseball team. I responded with all of the things we loved about the team and how much my son had learned and grown on the team. Then, the lady proceeded to tell me about another family that didn’t have anything positive to say about the team. The conversation made me realize how good it feels to be positive, and I don't miss complaining.

We can continue on autopilot finding all the negatives in the people and things around us, or we can take a little time each day to retrain our brains to be more automatically positive.

Want to chat about finding positivity in your life? Book a free 30 minute call with me.

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